How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

There are various options and automobile-specific elements that will impact the cost if you need to export a car across the country. If you’re planning to ship your car, here is a guide to the cost to ship a car.

What Affects Car Shipping Rates?

The cost of moving a car per mile depends on the distance traveled. For distances under 200 miles, the industry-standard price to move a car with an auto shipping firm is higher than $2.00 per mile. For real long-distance travel that is over 1,500 miles, the cost drops to an average of $0.58 per mile.

An enclosed carrier provides additional safety and security compared to an open carrier. This premium price tag is about 40 percent higher than an open carrier.

The car size, the terminals (in terminal shipping, a customer is responsible for dropping off a vehicle at the terminal closest to the pickup location and then taking responsibility for collecting it at a terminal near the delivery point), and even the season all have an impact on the price. Obtaining numerous quotes is always a good idea, and if one of them offers a price range, you can assume that the ultimate price will be on the higher end of that range.

Car Shipping Rates Per Mile

The total mileage is the main variable that determines how much it will cost to send a car across the country. The price to carry a normal sedan on an open carrier will be substantially different from the price to ship a big SUV in an enclosed carrier. Additional points to think about are:

  • Size: The cost to ship a heavy minivan may be near twice that of a light compact automobile.
  • Location: A door-delivery service will cost more if you reside in a remote area.  Alternatively, you can save if you can deliver the automobile to a primary transit hub and collect it from another hub.
  • Season: During the winter, when there is less demand for shipping services, cost-conscious shippers can find greater discounts. Just be aware of deliveries taking longer than usual because of the weather.
  • Timeline: It can take weeks for a transport company to ship a car across the nation. If you need something right away, expedited services are frequently offered—but at a price.


Average Cost to Ship a Car

To give a depiction of the cost, here is a breakdown of shipping a sedan from Los Angeles to New York City, with a distance of 2,790 miles. The national average rate of this would be $1,650, while the lowest cost is $1,200 for a no-rush open carrier shipping. If you choose an enclosed carrier with rush shipping, it would be $2,100.

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