When compared to the dangers and time involved in driving by yourself when you are moving across the country, shipping your car is a more modern and practical choice for moving your vehicle. Many car owners find that shipping their vehicle through a reputable firm is a safer and more affordable alternative. However, you should perform some simple inspections to verify the safety of the car before submitting it for shipping from one place to another. Here is what to do before shipping a car across the country.

Check All Fluids

Check all the car’s fluids, such as the brake fluid, coolant level, oil, wiper washer fluid, and more, before shipping it. Make sure there are no leaks coming from the vehicle since this will lead to waste and jeopardize the transit safety of other vehicles.

Check Fuel Level

Maintain the fuel level at no more than 25 percent of the tank out of an abundance of caution. All that is required for the transportation provider to park and make minor maneuvers is during the transit procedure.

Check the Car Battery

When turning over your car for transport, the battery should be in good condition. It’ll be challenging if there are mid-process malfunctions, especially if the car won’t start and needs to be loaded and unloaded. Before transporting the automobile, check the starter, alternator, and battery as well.

Only Hand Over the Necessary Documents

During the transit process, you may be asked to hand over specific paperwork pertaining to the car or duplicates of such documents. Make it a point to always retain the car’s original paperwork in your possession. The transport company will not assume loss liability if documents are lost. The paperwork should ideally be transported in your luggage.

You can rest assured that your car will be transported safely and smoothly with reputable companies for car transportation services that are instant, affordable, and easy to use.

Remove Personal Possessions

Remove any toys, water bottles, pocket change, stereo head units, GPS units, or other items you frequently keep in the car before shipping it. By putting such items and gadgets in your vehicle, you are merely raising the possibility of theft without insurance. Take away anything that can be transported and stored conveniently at your house. When delivering the car to the transport firm, be sure to include a list of any additional trip-specific items that cannot be removed.

Take Care of Minor Repairs Before Shipping

Getting the car serviced just before shipping is always a smart idea. Make sure to fix any leaks or small repairs that arise. It’s preferable to fix any loose components rather than get rid of them entirely. Additionally, quick fixes will maintain the vehicle over time. Furthermore, be sure to wash the vehicle before transporting it.

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