5 Tips For Shipping Your Classic Car Safely

Do you own a classic vehicle? Planning of moving and bringing your classic car with you? If so, utilizing a vehicle shipping company is the simplest and safest choice. It makes more sense to transport when you factor in various driving expenses, such as housing, gas, and meals. Here are five tips for shipping a classic car.

Know the Company

It’s challenging to entrust another person with your car. Therefore, it’s crucial to learn as much as you can about the business that’ll be transporting your car. You want a business with the necessary tools, expertise, and years of experience in the field. To check if a company is reliable and genuine, you should visit its website. 

Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute to Book

Depending on the delivery option you select, shipping your car could take a few days to a few weeks. It’s crucial to avoid wasting time as a result. Once you’ve made up your choice, make a reservation with the auto transport company and mark the date on your calendar as a reminder. You won’t feel rushed because everything is taken care of in advance in this way. With HBTRANSIT LOGISTICS, you can trust your classic car with us when you choose our car shipping services. We’ll ensure that it’ll reach you with no harm done.

Decide on the Transport Service You Want

Choose between open auto transport and enclosed auto transport as your main alternatives. The conventional technique of moving an automobile entails employing an open-air trailer to move the vehicle with up to eight additional cars. There’s a slight chance that this option will result in road debris damaging or dirtying the car. However, top-load installation lessens the dangers posed by dirt and debris. Although enclosed auto transportation costs more, it offers greater protection. Some trucks even have power lift gates, which further restricts how the vehicle can be handled. One must evaluate their budget and the degree of service one desires while comparing the two options.

Do Not Solely Choose on Price

Never select a business only based on price. The quality of the service is frequently a result of the price. You must make a small additional investment if you want to give your expensive car the finest care possible. Examine the corporation from a different angle, such as the duration of its operation.

Understand the Insurance Coverage

Figure out what is and isn’t covered by the auto transport company’s insurance coverage in the event of an accident. To review the policy, request that a copy be emailed to you or printed out. Get all your inquiries addressed. What is covered by insurance is just one of the frequent queries. If you want to know if the vehicle is protected during shipping, verify with your insurance provider.


HBTRANSIT LOGISTICS provide the greatest prices for top-notch and trustworthy car shipping services. Because of our affiliations with respected carriers, you have the option of instant booking, low prices, and convenience. Get a quotation or get in touch with us for further information!

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