RV transport & hauling services

RV transport & hauling services: Reliable and safe transportation!

HBTRANSIT LOGISTICS provides excellent, reliable, and outstanding shipping for towing and hauling RVs!

What People Are Saying

“Very positive experience! Needed to ship a car from SoCal to NorCal, I booked it around 12 PM and got the car later that same night.”

“Awesome service , bought a vehicle from my dealer and needed it shipped to my house. my vehicle arrived even sooner than anticipated.”

“Driver arrived within time frame stated. Assisted with pushing vehicle into a spot that it could be winched. Very fair prices and exceptional service. Would highly recommend!”


Advantages and Plus Points

Top-rated RV transport company

We provide top-rated transportation services; you can check our reviews and outline for your peace of mind. Customer satisfaction and User experience are what we focus on the most. Our real-time tracking and status as well as high-standard insurance coverage are what our customers like the most.

Personalized approach

People choose HBTRANSIT LOGISTICS because of our experts and throughout process handling. They monitor and work through the whole transportation process. We make sure that we deliver your RV without any stress. You can contact us to enjoy safe, fast, and effortless transportation! 

Professional and experts

It would help if you left everything to the professionals because they know well what to do in certain situations and how to deal with transportation. We can provide you with a smooth doorstep shipping service, so there are no speed bumps. 

Insurance coverage

Our selected auto haulers and drivers should meet the insurance standards before their selection in our business. Your vehicle will also be insured. 

What does the service include?

  • Open transport
  • Enclosed transport
  • Door to door
  • Terminal to terminal
  • Expedited

HBTRANSIT LOGISTICS provides the best RV shipping services. RV transport challenges include size, shape, and models. We offer domestic and international transportation if you want to ship your vehicle to another country or state. Our experts will serve you in everything from the beginning to the end of the shipment process. Get an instant quote to deliver the RV to its desired destination securely.

Our dedicated and proficient team ensures your transportation and keeps you informed. If you want to discuss shipping your classic or luxury vehicles overseas, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will provide you with free quotations for your individual needs. We are always one tap away from responding to inquiries.
Get your RV shipping services through us! 



What is an RV transporter?

The RV transporter is one of the great jobs that locomotives your vehicle from one place to another. It can be across-the-state or interstate jobs that benefit one’s living. It is a high-end earning job and a rewarding career for transporters.

How much does it cost to move an RV?

The transportation cost depends on the size, type, and distance the transporter needs to cover for the delivery. On average, an RV’s transportation costs 3.32 dollars per mile, but it costs $1.05 per mile for RV shipping less than 1000 miles.

What are the different ways to transport RV?

There are three different types of ways to transport an RV:


  • Transportation through Trailer
  • Drive away transportation services
  • Tow away transportation services
How to prepare the RV to be shipped?
  1. Check fluid levels, battery, and the vehicle’s performance.
  2. Turn off all the wire connections and power supplies of the pipes and gas lines.
  3. Place safety material or Secure latches on cabinets, windows, cargo doors, chains, and pop-ups. 
  4. Ensure the functionality of the turn signal, indicator lights.

Service Areas

We Serve The Entire America

We cover the entire America. From East coast to West coast, from any state to another, anyone can benefit from our services no matter where they are in America. All within affordable and best prices.