Open Transport: Efficient and easy way of transport!

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What People Are Saying

“Very positive experience! Needed to ship a car from SoCal to NorCal, I booked it around 12 PM and got the car later that same night.”

“Awesome service , bought a vehicle from my dealer and needed it shipped to my house. my vehicle arrived even sooner than anticipated.”

“Driver arrived within time frame stated. Assisted with pushing vehicle into a spot that it could be winched. Very fair prices and exceptional service. Would highly recommend!”


Advantages and Plus Points

Make it easy

Open car transport is the speediest way to ship a car to its destination. There are numerous open carrier car shipping options in the market, which is why its prices are also very affordable! 

Domestic and international shipping

HBTRANSIT LOGISTICS provides both domestic and international open auto transport services. So if you want to ship your car across the state or another country, contact us today! 

Most affordable option

Open-air transport is the most common and best option for shipping a car. If you are looking for an affordable shipping option, go for open auto transport today. We provide the fairest and most accurate open car transport cost in the USA.

Friendly customer service

We have a dedicated and friendly staff to take care of our clients. They are very helpful and ensure that all our customers have an excellent experience during the transportation process!  

What does the service include?

  • Door-to-door open transport service
  • Terminal-to-terminal open transport service
  • Open car transport service
  • Open transport service

Open auto transport is the most popular and low-budget means of shipping vehicles from one point to another. In this sort of transport service, the carriers do not have roof or sidewall protection. The one downfall of this transport is that your vehicle remains exposed to external elements like rain, sun, snow, and dust, so it is only suitable for common four-wheelers. Don’t let this one downfall change your mind, as HBTRANSIT LOGISTICS ensure that all their cargo is taken care of. We have a well-trained team with the experience and knowledge to ensure that the car gets delivered to its desired location safely and on time! 

HBTRANSIT LOGISTICS is one of the best car shipping companies in the USA. We provide a variety of shipping services. To ensure that your cars get to the right location and at the exact time, we partner up with trusted carriers who meet insurance coverage standards. In order to provide our customers with the best services possible, we also offer open-air door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal delivery. Give us a call without hesitation and book a shipping service today! 



What is Open auto transport?

Open-air transport is a transport service that involves a carrier that does not have roof or side protections. This carrier may carry up to ten vehicles at once, and it is one of the most common and affordable forms of car shipping. 

Is open auto transport safe?

HB Transit Logistics’ open auto transport service is very safe and secure. Our dedicated staff and drivers take good care of your vehicle and ensure that it stays away from unauthorized people.

Is there insurance coverage for open car transport?

Vehicle insurance is included in your open car transport quote. We also ensure that all our haulers meet insurance standards before they become part of our shipping network.

Does the car need to be empty when shipping?

Though it is not necessary to empty your car for shipping, many car transport companies recommend keeping it empty. This is because a shipping car with items in it can be risky! 

Service Areas

We Serve The Entire America

We cover the entire America. From East coast to West coast, from any state to another, anyone can benefit from our services no matter where they are in America. All within affordable and best prices.