Luxury Car

Luxury Car: Pristine auto transport services!

Transporting and delivering luxury cars with extra special care and bespoke attention

What People Are Saying

“Very positive experience! Needed to ship a car from SoCal to NorCal, I booked it around 12 PM and got the car later that same night.”

“Awesome service , bought a vehicle from my dealer and needed it shipped to my house. my vehicle arrived even sooner than anticipated.”

“Driver arrived within time frame stated. Assisted with pushing vehicle into a spot that it could be winched. Very fair prices and exceptional service. Would highly recommend!”


Advantages and Plus Points

Let the pros handle it!

We provide high-quality auto transport services to enthusiasts of luxury cars. Our professionals will ensure that your precious cars get from one point to the other in a pristine condition. With our services, you can get your car delivered straight to your door without any bumps!

Dedicated advisors

We have a team of dedicated advisors who ensure that all your car transportation needs are met. Also, they monitor and track the shipment so that your luxury car is delivered promptly and securely! 

Personalized approach

People choose us because our experts are always on the go and work through the whole process of transportation. We make sure that we deliver your luxury car in a hassle-free way. To enjoy fast, secure, and painless transportation, contact us now! 

Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage is usually included in the high-end car transport shipping quote. Before shipping your luxury vehicle, HBTRANSIT LOGISTICS ensures that all our auto haulers and carriers meet insurance standards! 

What does the service include?

  • Enclosed luxury car transport 
  • Door-to-door luxury vehicle shipping 
  • Open luxury car transport

To transport a luxury car, one requires transporters who are fully invested in providing a great amount of care and attention to it. HBTRANSIT LOGISTICS has been in business for years, and our experts know precisely what services are required to ship luxury vehicles safely and securely. In order to ensure that your prestigious car gets delivered in a pristine condition, we ensure that all our certified haulers and carriers meet the insurance coverage standards!

Due to our years of experience and hands-on knowledge, our experts easily ensure domestic and international luxury car shipping. If you want to ship your luxury car safely to another state or country, we are here to help you! Our professionals are experts in handling everything, including the shipment or transportation of a single luxury car to multiple high-end vehicles. Get a quote today to deliver your luxury car to its desired destination with our professional touch! 

All the drivers and warehouse workers of HBTRANSIT LOGISTICS are well-trained to handle the shipment of high-performance and high-value luxury cars. Our dedicated team, with the partnership of the best haulers and carriers, ensures that every customer benefits from our most efficient and cost-effective luxury vehicle transport services!  



What is the cost and shipping time for luxury vehicles?

The shipping cost and duration depend upon one’s personal needs and requirements. The cost of luxury car transport service is based on the type and size of the vehicle, the date of pick-up and drop-off, and the urgency of the delivery! To know the exact cost, get a free quote from HBTRANSIT LOGISTICS today! 

Is enclosed transport safer for luxury cars?

Enclosed car transport is the safest and most recommended type of luxury car shipment. Though this mode of transport is more expensive than open transport, it is the most appropriate form of transportation for rare and luxury cars!

How to prepare a luxury car before shipping?

To prepare your luxury car before shipping, ensure that following: 

  1. Remove all the belongings from the car.
  2. Check and note the condition of its fuel, fluid, and overall performance.
  3. Ensure that all its required documents are there.
  4. As proof, capture a picture of your car before shipping it!
Is it allowed to put things in your car while shipping?

Though most companies allow things in the vehicle when shipped, it is not recommended. Having personal belonging in your vehicle may jeopardize its safety. This is why removing all the belongings from the car before shipping them is better. 

Service Areas

We Serve The Entire America

We cover the entire America. From East coast to West coast, from any state to another, anyone can benefit from our services no matter where they are in America. All within affordable and best prices.